A Few Requests

Dear A,

As your second birthday fast approaches and your brother is still 3 month away from arriving but making Mommy very sluggish I have a few request:

  1. Please wake up in a better mood. I understand that genetically I am basically asking you to be something you physically cannot be however I ask that the when you wake up you refrain from crying hysterically, throwing yourself on the ground, fighting every clothing choice, hair brushing attempt and tooth brushing attempt. It is particularly challenging for Mommy and her growing tummy to twist and turn to make you look presentable to take to school.
  2. Eat what I make for dinner. I make you some really a awesome food, homemade and I would appreciate if you took one bite and decided your did not like it. Mommy is not a trained food stylist therefore even if it does not look perfect on the plate your tongue and your tummy may love it!
  3. It would also be great if you would stop pushing on my belly but your brother is starting to defend himself. I hope you two get along, right now all you do is push each other around.

If you follow these rules I may be able to actually finish unpacking the house and prepare for your birthday party!

I love you,


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2 Responses to A Few Requests

  1. banbamama says:

    hee hee if only it was this easy 🙂 lovely post. Banba

  2. green4u says:

    Banbamama- She was an angel this morning… I am thinking it helped even if only for a day!

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