More Birthday Fun!

Turning two was a several day affair. First we had dinner and cupcakes with Aunt N, L and H. We had alot of fun and they got your all sorts of great things from the Disney store. That is where you got your first Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

On your actual birthday Granny, Grumpy, Uncle D, and Aunt D (who flew up from FL for your b-day) came over for dinner and MORE cupcakes. You opened a ton of gifts including your first Fancy Nancy book, lots of beach toys for vacation and a new waredrobe…. Granny buys you way to much clothes.

Another night you opened gifts from Aunt M and Uncle A in CA. They sent you some awesome stuff! Aunt M is so creative with the gifts.

This is you on your birthday… you looked so cute in the dress that Uncle D got you from his friend in CA. It is made from vintage fabric… so cool!

I think you had alot of fun for your birthday!


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    She is so beautiful

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