The Day before you were Born

It is pretty rare that we can tell you what I did the night before you were born. I have the luxury of knowing that you are coming tomorrow… I am evicting you.

I would love to say I did alot of exciting things but I really did not

  • I watched the football game
  • Had a Big Mac for lunch (it may be the last one I ever have I will have to lose weight now), nachos for dinner, ice cream for dessert
  • Drank lots of water
  • Packed the rest of my hospital bag
  • Went to Target to get a few things I did not have or could not find from your sister
  • Watched the new conference from the NY City Mayor talking about the credible terror threat for NYC
  • Hung the rest of the curtains in our room
  • Met with someone about getting a new furnace
  • Printed out the rest of the forms I have to fill out for health insurance
  • Worked
I can honestly say I cannot wait to meet you!! We are about to start a fun life together as a family!

Not the best picture but this is what I have been looking like these days

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