Mommy Needs Sleep!

This is a critical fact that you two need to know (oh how I wish you both could read). Mommy, needs sleep. I need sleep to be nice, get things done, speak in complete sentences, write notes to you… For almost 6 weeks now I have not slept longer than 4 hours at time and this is longest stretch of bad sleep I have ever had in my life.

The only person who gets sleep at night in this picture is the dog... Mommy wishes she was sleeping on the dog bed right now!

A you are a great sleeper but you do not nap so I cannot catch up on my sleep during the day on the weekends when we do not have school. Boom Boom you just do not sleep long enough at night by the time I get you fed and back to sleep you wake up again 3 hours later at the most (and the last few night an hour or 2 later).

I love you both alot but Mommy needs some rest so Boom Boom sleep better at night and A maybe take a nap this weekend when your brother is asleep so I can get a good nap in. I promise you both will reap the rewards of a well rested Mommy!!

Lessons to Learn:

Mommy needs sleep… thats it!

PS the picture above is from before you both were born, cannot imagine what made me so tired back then that I fell asleep on the dog bed!

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  1. marinasleeps says:

    Man… I know what you mean!!
    Sleep is needed so you dont burn down the house making grilled cheese sandwiches!!

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