9 Month Stats




Here are the 9 month stats as I know them today

Teeth: none still but I really think we can see the one on the bottom

Crawling: all over the place. You just figured it out one day and did it and never looked back

Standing: you can pull yourself up but you are not that steady yet to stand

Haircut: had you second one already

Favorite foods: sweet potato and white bean (store bought) and sweet potato, carrot, lentil thing (homemade)

Size diaper: just about size 4 we are trying them today for the first time

Sleeping: going to bed around 8:30 or 9:00 and sleeping till about 6:15 am

Favorite toy: garbage… Really, wrappers and collapsed boxes I have in the recycling bin you take out and get excited to have

Favorite song: boyfriend by Justin Beiber followed by the Gotye song (which your sister LOVES)

Favorite person: Mommy (sorry Daddy)

First word: Dadda (only word really, I think I hallucinated a Mama at some point but the rational side of me knows it was not real)

Dislikes: baby food with any texture at all, mommy not holding him, being left alone (meaning a person not in direct reach), being put down so Mommy can do anything…etc.

Sometimes your day is just so exciting you fall asleep during dinner!

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