If you ever act like the kids in this video….

Warning video has explicit language

Your Dad told me about this video. He said he could only watch 40 seconds of the 10 minute video and then he lost his faith in humanity. Your Dad can be kinda dramatic in surprising ways but usually on unimportant things that I cannot understand why they make him so irrationally upset. This particular occasion he was on the money.

This is a video of a woman who is a bus aide with kids that appear to be somewhere in their late tweens and early teens. These kids use despicable language and are downright disrespectful to a woman who probably did not both them much.

I am embarrassed for their parents because they are probably pretty bad parents (maybe not, I do not know them) but they raised a kid who not only would treat someone like this but they would record it AND post it to YouTube.

Is it against the law to raise kids like this? No.

Is there a punishment for these parents? Not formally but I imagine these kids are terrors at home and will likely require more care and attention in their later teens and early twenties (bail money?)

As a parent I am disappointed on so many levels. These kids do not respect authority (she is bus aide there for their safety), elderly (they do not care that she is older and have respect for the life she has lived, regardless of what it was), and these children feel it is cool to do this.

Kids, I am sorry to say that since the beginning of time there have probably been kids like this. I am 100% sure this video will be on my mind as I parent going forward making sure I am not raising a kid like those kids. More importantly, I really want to you guys to be the kids we did not see on the video, the ones who would have told those kids to stop. I understand you want to be cool and have friends but these kids or any kids who act like this are not people you want to be friends with. Really I promise. Stand up and say this is not right. I am sure there were kids on this bus that felt that way and did not say anything. I understand why some kids may not have had the courage to speak up, these kids might have started to talk to them like this but I hope that you two will stand up for anyone being mistreated.

Lessons to learn:

  • Respect authority
  • Respect your elders
  • Respect your peers, friends, and even people you do not like
  • Stand up for what is right even if you think it is not popular, there are always people who believe in the right thing they may be to shy to say it!
  • I will take away every privilege and thing you like forever if you ever act like this.

There is a fund set up for this bus aide Karen Klein http://www.indiegogo.com/loveforkarenhklein

There is a Facebook group supporting here called Support for Karen Huff Klein the Greece bus monitor

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  1. Christa says:

    Wow that is sad 🙁 I had to stop watching at a minute 🙁

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