What’s in a Name?

Today’s Prompt: How did you get your name?

I dislike my name. People spell it wrong when they hear it. The say it wrong when they read it. They assume I am a man when they see it. I wanted to change my name for my of my childhood. I had actually asked for Grandma and Grandpa to change it once for my birthday. Obviously they did not.

What is my name other than Mom? Leigh (pronounced Lee) not Lei, not lee-a,….etc.

When ever I asked Grandma and Grandpa what they were thinking when I they named me they just said we talked about a million names and we were at your Grandparents house and we said Leigh and none of us saw anything wrong with it.

Want to hear the kicker, if I was boy I was going to be named James! They did not even like my name enough to name me it if I was a boy!!

This story influenced my decision making in naming the two of you. I wanted you both to have names that were gender specific and not spelled a special way. I wanted them to be names that we loved.

I tell people all the time if they really love my name give it to their kids as a middle name. I do not advocate for people to name their children Leigh or Lee or whatever other creative way you can spell the name.

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  1. Ann says:

    That would be frustrating to have your first name mispronounced all the time. At least you know the reasoning behind why you were named. It was interesting for me to find out why I was named. Had it not been for the SBC, I would never have asked my mom.

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