ABC: Autumn Blog Challenge

I am co-hosting the Autumn Blog Challenge!

Inspired by the Summer Blog Challenge hosted by Going Green With the Grilz, the Autumn Blog Challenge is another way to help bloggers tap into the well of words within themselves. The Autumn Blog challenge is being hosted by Whey Beyond the Naked Truth and What I Want My Kids to Know.

Want to know more?

The challenge will begin September 1st and end October 31st. Each day we will be providing a prompt for bloggers to follow, expand upon, and basically interpret however they wish. These prompts will be provided in enough advance for bloggers to schedule accordingly.

Want to participate in the challenge?

  • Join our Facebook group for all of the details and to follow other participating bloggers.
  • Head over to Whey Beyond The Naked Truth to get the code for the button and info for the linky (WordPress has limitations with Linky’s)
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