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I am not going to lie to you kids, I hated doing homework. I hated most homework but I particularly hated math homework. I dread the day you two come home with homework, it will likely stress me out in the same way it stressed me out as a kid. I hope I can keep it in check and help you out.

Math homework always seemed to be the most intense. When I was little Grandma made me do flashcards everyday of math problems (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Everyday in the summer and on the weekends during the school year. I know as a adult how helpful that really was for me to learn what I needed to learn but as a kid I hated it.

One time I got a horribly low grade on a math test right before winter break. As punishment and an opportunity to improve my teacher gave me 50 sheets of math problems to do over the break. That is right 50 pages! I remember thinking this was the most out of control thing I had ever seen. I was already sad that I was getting braces the day after Christmas and then we were going to Great Grandma Julia’s house to clean it out because she had moved to Colorado with Grandpa’s brother. This was going to be the worst Christmas vacation ever.

You know what it was. Grandma talked to the teacher and they agreed I only had to do every other problem on each page… yeah 25 pages, what a relief (sense the sarcasm). When they put my braces on they left a piece of metal sticking out and it sliced my entire mouth open and we were in a different state with no orthodontists to fix it. My mouth hurt so bad I could barely eat all week and I had to do all this horrible math homework!

Years later I struggled with algebra and that started the long journey of math tutoring which helped we get good grades but did not improve my position on mathematics, I still disliked it.

In incredible irony, I work with numbers every day but math was still by far my least favorite subject.

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4 Responses to Homework Homework Homework

  1. Heidi says:

    Seems a lot of us disliked math lol! Sounds like your winter break didn’t turn out as hoped. 25 pages is still a lot of math!

    • Mommy says:

      Heidi- It was pretty aweful but I did need to improve on my math skills. I respect education a lot but this was over the top!

  2. Anna Murphy says:

    What an awful Christmas break! Your poor mouth—that’s what I’m reacting to. Some medications I take make my mouth break out inside and on my tongue, so I’m reliving that pain and not being able to eat.

  3. Amanda Coan says:

    A child should never be given that many math worksheets to do, especially over Christmas vacation!

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