When I Have a High School Reunion

Believe it or not it has been a long time since I graduated high school… I know there are lots of people who would look at your Mom and say “no way” but it is true. My class has never organized a class reunion. That statement alone probably speaks volumes to my high school career.

I grew up in a small suburban town. Our class was one of the smallest to go through the school in decades. There were 81 people in my graduating class. It was a small town there were cliques, there were typical division jocks, geeks, band geeks…etc. but when you have that small a class after graduation you tend to just keep in touch with your group.

I kept in touch with my group and every time we talk about it together about an upcoming milestone year and wonder if there is a reunion we come to the same conclusion, I will go if you go but I am not organizing it. I imagine there are tons of conversations like that in each group.

In an odd twist of fate one milestone year I am part of the reason why we did not have one. I bumped into the former class president one time doing errands (one of the flaws of moving a mile away from the town I grew up in) and he asked me to help. I said no I just could not do it, to be honest I did not want to. I was not the coolest kid in school so I am was not game for organizing a reunion with people who in all honesty probably would be not that excited to see me. He never organized anything.

I have wondered in this time of Facebook and all the other ways of connecting is the draw of reunions lost now? We can find out what everyone else is doing without flying back to our home town, getting makeovers to look awesome, find dates if we are not attached, and make small talk of “where did you go to college again?” “what do you do?” “how many kids do you have?” “do your parents still live in town?” before we all go back to our typical groups of friends we already know and talk to for the remainder of the night.

The only way for it to be fun would also be embarrassing. Having a running slide show of all the pictures we could collect from our school years (we all went to school together since kindergarten for the most part). We could play music from our era, bring back teachers to ask them to talk about there funny stories from our class..etc. In the end though all of that would make some people feel pretty uncomfortable. Mainly me, I took some pretty bad pictures as an awkward high schooler.

So what can I say… I never had a high school reunion, I do not think I would organize one but I would definitely go to one if my other friends did!

PS I was going to put a picture of me from High school in this post but I could not find one. I am a little worried that it might have gotten thrown out after the fire by accident.

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  1. Facebook and other social media sites do kinda make reunions obsolete, but it is nice to actually get together with old friends in real life.

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