The State of the US Educational System


I wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl. Before that I wanted to be a nurse but I realized at a very young age I did not want to see sick people, it made me to sad. I dreamed of being a teacher being like my favorite teacher Mr. Hull.

I was going to teach my students about history and the why and how history happened. I was going to challenge kids to form their own political opinion not just take their parents views as their own (if they did not want to). I was going to integrate their history lessons into the rest of the curriculum… It was going to be amazing.

Then I went to college. Every teacher I did evaluations and work with said “Do not be a teacher” “teaching is awful do anything else.” I laughed it off for two whole years. I never met a teacher who said being a teacher was amazing.

I started student teaching my senior year. The teacher I was working with told me I had to teach his lesson plans, on his schedule and I had to do it for the state exam process that required the students to pass a test in order to graduate. I was not going to really write one lesson plan. I could do nothing creative, I had to plow through content a inhuman speed in order to get to the benchmarks expected.

I had to really look at my career and what I wanted to do. I realized that I could not be a teacher in the current educational system. Testing, rules and regulations are not what I am willing to do.

There are times I that I laid down to the man and did not become a teacher anyway and work to change the system. But I know I can work to change the system from lots of different angles. I have always wanted to be very happy in my career. I could not start my career with the goal of fighting the way it was being run.

I hope you kids have amazing teachers who wanted to be the teacher I wanted to be and did not give up. I think there are those kinds of teachers out there.

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2 Responses to The State of the US Educational System

  1. im not thrilled with some of the teachers my son has had, it just seems like they dont much about the students themselves anymore

  2. Heidi says:

    I’m sorry you didn’t have a better student teaching experience. It seems to be all about the schools bringing in the testing numbers these days.

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