Technology Increasing Free Time?

I do think technology allows me to have a few more moments like this with you two.

As a Mom I have talked about this topic to all my other friends: Does technology make my life easier and give me more free time?

Does it make my life easier? Yes absolutely, I get more things done I am more productive and more organized. Do I have a chance on remembering peoples birthday, yes because Facebook tells me it is there birthday. There are so many things that technology has improved for my life.

Do I have more free time because of technology? No absolutely not… not at all. I just have a longer to do list. More things to remember, more things to do, more apps that I need to have to juggle it all. I need more memory on my computer because I have more things that I need technology to help me with.

I apperciate all the technology has to offer me as a person and parent (parents are people.. I swear) but it has added a layer of pressure to everyone to do more, be more organized and to have it together.

Have you ever left your cell phone at home and realized you could not do any of the follow:

  • Email anyone
  • Call anyone, because you did not know their phone number
  • Check Facebook
  • Tweet, pin and otherwise waste time while on line somewhere
  • Buy something at Starbucks because you did not have your app
  • Have an extra hand free to hold something else.
  • Check Facebook

If you have ever lost your phone then you know this is true

  • You have to post something on Facebook asking everyone to message you their number again
  • Actually log into your computer to email everyone and tell them you lost your phone
  • Realize you might have lost segments of your kids lives documented on camera or video because your phone was the only thing that had the information on it.

Technology has advanced so much in the last 20 years I cannot imagine what will be around for you kids that will make your life easier and raise the bar on what you need to be able to do.

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3 Responses to Technology Increasing Free Time?

  1. Mallory says:

    I washed my phone in the laundry (Doh!) the other day and feel lost!

  2. Heidi says:

    I also wrote about how advancements in technology have both their positives and negatives. Great post!

  3. Sometimes I just wish we went back to the good ole days, although mobile voice services would still be valuable. It’s just all the data and social networking and junk that is overwhelming.

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