Help I am Trapped on a Desert Island!

“Help I am Trapped on a Desert Island” would be my blog post title when I was stranded on a desert island because the three things I would take with me is a computer, satellite internet connection, and a solar power device that would keep these devices powered.

Cop out… no way. I can watch YouTube videos of how to catch fish with your hands, how to start to a fire with rocks, and I can still watch tv. I could still update my Facebook page and my blog. I could keep in touch with you kids because surely I got myself stranded on this island with your Dad when we went on vacation and that category 5 hurricane that we are due to see on a vacation finds us (see my other post about the Hurricanes We Have Loved Before and the Weekend We Went Away for a Week about all the other hurricanes that have invaded our vacations).

I could Skype or FaceTime with everyone. In fact, I think people would start to get jealous of my tan (no one has ever really seen me tan since I am so pale). More people would follow my blogs because I would have all these crazy stories about the professor and the Howells… wait no I would not.

Think of the advertisers I could get for my blog while being stranded on a desert island… trip insurance companies, ski vacations (who wants to go to the islands now), coconut phone producers…etc. This could help pay for you kids college education.

Your Dad will be excited I took these three things because he could still listen to his iTunes and watch live streaming Phish shows while on the island.

But the craziest thing we would probably do with this technology on a desert island is watch Lost our favorite TV show of all time.

After a little bit of time I might enable the find my MAC feature and let you guys come and rescue me but for a week or two at least I will just communicate via this connection.

Did you know today is Talk Like A Pirate Day!! Yar!

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2 Responses to Help I am Trapped on a Desert Island!

  1. Heidi says:

    I didn’t think of solar power, duh! Hopefully you wouldn’t be stranded long with such great communication!

  2. Lisa says:

    Great blog! I love the way that your going to communicate and make all that money from the advertisers hehe 🙂

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