Roses are Red…

Roses are Red
Designer jeans are very blue
I have been crazy busy
How about you?

So how do you deal with being so busy that you hardly have time to think and being a good friend. I have struggled with that since you two were born. When Grandma and Grandpa had kids they probably felt super busy to I am sure it is part of the parenting condition. Grandma and Grandpa did not have computers, I remember Grandma spending countless hour on the phone with her friends and occasionally they would have parties (not a lot).

Today, I struggle to be a good Mom, good employee, and a good friend. I think some of the most important things to do is figure out the best way to communicate. Three of my best friends, three of my four bridesmaids are not on Facebook (when you read this you will be like “ha Facebook that was so long ago” I feel that way about MySpace that actually just relaunched yesterday…good luck with that). It is easy to keep in touch with my other friends through Facebook at whatever time of day works for me I can see pictures of their kids, see what witty things they posted or what special news they might have announced! That does not work with my closest friends.

One friend, totally telephone related communication, which is super hard. I do my best but the prime hours to speak are ones that have me working or taking care of you kids. I text sometimes and try to catch up when I can but it is very hard.

Auntie “email” I keep in touch with completely with email. I email her on my commute and that pretty much works. We meet each other with or without you kids every now and then. We both wish we could spend more time together but we are happy we still can do what we do.

Aunt S is the one I have figured out the best way to communicate with. We text, much like you would do a Facebook post but it is just to one another. We also email each other when we have big stories to tell or set up calls… yup, I have scheduled a call with Aunt S before. We are busy ladies but we want to talk. We figure out the best time that works and we talk. We see each other much less than we want to, we would love to have dinner once a week but we live 1.5 hours away from each other and with kids that gets crazy. One of the fun things we do together is watch TV together through texting! We were both crazy fans of Lost so that is when that started. We would watch at the same time and text our thoughts through out. We were very clear with one another when an episode was going to be missed as not to ruin it for the other one.

What I would not do to have all three of them live close and spend tons of fun time together but that is just never going to happen. It is more likely that I will move closer to one of the three of them than any of them moving closer to us. So we did the next best thing… figure out how to communicate with one another so we feel connected even when we do not see each other.

So I want you two to form great friendships through out your life and figure out a way to stay connected to those friends. Technology can help in a lot of ways but make it meaningful and relevant to both of you. Some friendships will require more time to keep close others will not and even if a few weeks go by where you do not speak you both know the other one cares.

I hope I show you both how to be a good friend because that is one of the most important things in life!

PS I combined two prompts from the Autumn Blog Challenge for this post! See what everyone else wrote here


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