Ansel Adams Alert

Here are some of my favorite landscape pictures I have personally taken

This was at the Grand Canyon as a huge storm was rolling in

Sedona, AZ first thing in the morning… the view from our bed and breakfast

Glacier in Alaska… one of the most amazing trips of my life!

I think this our feet in Curacao, your Dad and I like to take pictures like this at every beach vacation we have. I hope to make a coffee table book of them for my retirement home!

Maegan’s Bay just before Hurricane Earl.

Boom Boom in Idaho… I was not there but I love this picture!

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3 Responses to Ansel Adams Alert

  1. Heidi says:

    Love your pictures! I have never been to the Grand Canyon but it looks beautiful.

  2. Wow, we visited AZ and took awesome landscapes! So glad to see your photos today… I feel like I was traveling beside you!

  3. Amanda Coan says:

    Wow! I love your pictures!!

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