Introducing a New Month: Momuary

Aunt N and I, we were close even when I was very little

So if I could add one more month to the year I would do it between June and July. I would call it Momuary (only because I could not think of an awesomer name, wait I just made up two words in one sentence!). I really love the spring and I love when it just starts to get warm out but I also love the not going to school part of summer.

I would add an extra month in the time where you two could be yourself and explore. School is very important but the unstructured time of summer is also a very important time in your life to shape your personality and let you really learn about what you like. I want you to be able to go to camp, play with your friends, go on vacation with us, spending time with your cousins and get to do other amazing fun things. Many of my best childhood memories were spent in the summer with my friends. I would love to give you two an extra 4 weeks of that kind of fun.

Here is a list of the things I would want to do with you or hope you would get to do:

  • Go to sleep away camp. I always wanted to go to sleep away camp. I will send you both once and if you like it I will let you go again but I think it is an experience you should have.
  • Go on a family vacation with your cousins. I really want you to get to spend time with your cousins. My cousins growing up lived halfway across the US and we did not see them that often. I always looked forward to their visits or going to visit them but we just did not get to be close the way I see you Dad with his cousins.
  • Fun trips to the zoo, the beach, museums, and other great places. I never really did all the tourist things that were available in our area when I was a kid. I wish I had and I want you kids to experience it.
  • Special time with one another. I want to give you two an opportunity to be great friends to one another. One of the best things I could use your summer for is to give you two an opportunity to play with one another and form a special bond that you two will grow to count on when you get older. Those special times will be such great memories and moments to talk about when you are an adult.

There are million other things I cannot wait to do with you both over your summers off from school. I hope I can figure out how to be able to do them all with you or give you the opportunity to do them.

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  1. Heidi says:

    My girls would love your idea – a longer summer! I’m not much one for the heat so I probably wouldn’t be as enthused, lol!

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