My Comforts

Every now and then you will need comfort in your life. It may be because work has you busy or life just has you down. As you grow up figure out what relaxes you and what really helps you unwind. Some things work for different situations.

Here are some things that really help me unwind:

Foods: Ice Cream (broken record I know) but really if there is ever a food that I like to unwind with it is a nice bowl of ice cream. I can think of nothing that comes close. There is no meal, nothing makes me relax more than ice cream.

Movies/TV: I like silly comedies to unwind. Friends is my number one go to when I want to unwind. After I had both of you, your Dad went home to sleep each night and I would keep Nick at Nite on with reruns of Friends on and it was great. It was so relaxing. There are other comedies I like but nothing beats an episode of Friends (especially the Thanksgiving episodes)

Music: This is impossible for me to answer it depends on the year and my mood. I think of times in my life where I know exactly what made me feel better, right now I am not sure what I would turn on.

Place to unwind: In my bedroom. I find nothing more relaxing than climbing into bed. I never look at my phone after I get into bed or answer an email. I get into bed and that is, it is sleep or total relaxation with no exception.

Snuggles also relax me… snuggling with either of you or Harpua and your Dad too!!

As you grow up you will come to find things that relax you and make you feel better.  I hope one of them is calling your Mom to let her know what is bothering you… I hope I can make you feel better even if it is just me telling you some sort of silly story.

Photo: Me and Harpua 6 years ago!

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2 Responses to My Comforts

  1. Heidi says:

    Ice cream is a great comfort food and one of my favorites as well! Great post!

  2. Now I want ice cream while lounging on the recliner, creating my beloved paper flowers while watching a comedy followed by a snuggle with one of my children.

    Loved this prompt & glad to have had the chance to read yours & write my own!!

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