These Shoes are Made for Dancing

I wrote about this before to you both but I really think I need to revisit this story because it really tells you a lot about who I am.

Here are some facts to get you started:

  • I hate shoe shopping and yes I am a woman
  • You father owns more shoes than I do
  • The shoes I have are great and appropriate (I wear heels at work and gym shoes to the gym), I just do not have a million pairs just one pair for each function.
  • Only once in my life did I buy the same pair of shoes twice (other than flip-flops) and it was pair of grey trail running shoes… very important to the story.

So 7 years ago I got up and got dressed for my wedding day but it was raining buckets out! I had decided to wear flip-flops on my wedding day much to both your grandmothers disappointment. Heels are not for me, not on a day with the most important walk of my life and a lot of dancing.

Due to the extremely rainy conditions I decided to put on my sneakers… trail running shoes from EMS to be exact… in grey! I had to take the flip-flops in the limo so that I could keep my feet dry.

So we take the ride in the limo and get to the church. I ask everyone where my flip-flops were and we all thought someone else took it. So I walked down the aisle at church in my sneakers. It was honestly the way I wanted it, if I could have I would have left them on all day. You do not sit down much on your wedding day so really what is better.

Your Dad and I relaxing before my flip-flops arrived

After the ceremony when your Dad and I were alone I told your Dad and showed him my shoes he laughed. We then had your Aunt S’s husband Uncle M go to our apartment to get my flip-flops so I could eventually change my shoes.

This is the picture of when I showed your Dad my shoes… he did not know till after the ceremony.

The first picture is the shoe changing ceremony in the middle of the cocktail hour. I have to say I wish I still had those shoes now.

So many people tell the story of the fact I got married in grey sneakers! I do not regret it, I had already used up my first pair and this was my second pair… to this day they were the most comfortable shoes I have probably ever owned.

I currently own the third pair of grey sneakers I have ever had and they are almost as comfortable as these shoes!

PS I know using the term sneakers makes me sound like I have an AARP card in my wallet.

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