If I Could Live Anywhere In The World


I have always wanted to visit and live in Hawaii but I have still never been there. When your Dad and I got engaged I begged him to have a destination wedding in Hawaii. I begged and begged and for a 3 days he agreed. I looked at wedding planners, even picked a possible place for the ceremony. But your Dad chickened out, he told me he did not want to. I was pretty upset. We agreed we would renew our vows there on our 10 year anniversary (only 3 more years to go… get ready kids).

Before that I had another dream of living in Hawaii that almost came true. When I was looking at colleges with good education programs the one I went to had a great connection with the Hawaii Department of Education and they really recruited teachers from our program. I was totally set on graduating and going to live there. As I have told you before I decided my senior year not to become a teacher. I did have friends who did go and teach in Hawaii and I was jealous.

Before that I thought about applying to the University of Hawaii but Grandma told me that if I went there I could not come home between semesters because it was so expensive. That concerned me and I thought it might not be the best idea. I knew I only wanted to go there for location so I came to my senses real quick that it was not the best thing to do.

I do hope that some day (if not in 3 years) I will get to go to Hawaii but I am starting to worry that it might be a HUGE letdown because it is some place I have wanted to go for at least 20 years of my life. Fingers crossed.

If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?

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  1. Amanda Coan says:

    Love the post. This is somewhere I would like to visit as well. I hope you get your chance to visit and that it is all you hoped it would be!

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