My First Act as President

If I were President one of the first acts of I would do is make would make guns illegal.

I wrote about this a few days before the shooting in Colorado and feel just as strongly about it now.

It is pretty simple for me, guns lead to violence (I understand how controversial that statement is and that it is not actually 100% accurate). I do understand violence will happen anyway but I feel that guns need to be gone. People do not need them to protect themselves or to hunt (I am against hunting too). I wrote a paper on gun control when I was a senior in high school and I got A+ on it and it forever cemented my opinion on this topic. I actually do not know anyone who has been a victim of gun violence (thank God) and I have only seen a gun in person a few times but every time has made me so incredibly uncomfortable I cannot even explain it.

And for the record kids, the founding fathers were pretty right on with many things they wrote but no one is always right lets face it they “owned” slaves and that was not right so we should not just assume that the “right to bear arms” should be a given in our modern society.

Here are some gun facts

  •  Every day, 270 people in America, 47 of them children and teens are shot in murders, assaults, suicides, accidents, and police intervention.
  •  Every day, 87 people die from gun violence, 33 of them murdered.
  •  Every day, 8 children and teens die from gun violence.
  •  Every day, 183 people are shot, but survive their gun injuries.
  •  Every day, 38 children and teens are shot, but survive their gun injuries. 

IN ONE YEAR (all ages) Almost 100,000 people in America are shot in murders, assaults, suicides, accidents, or by police intervention.

31,593 people died from gun violence 

  •  12,179 people murdered.
  •  18,223 people killed themselves.
  •  592 people killed accidentally.
  •  326 killed by police intervention.
  •  273 died but intent was not known.

66,769 people survived gun injuries

  •  44,466 people injured in an attack.
  •  3,013 people injured in a suicide attempt.
  •  18,610 people shot accidentally.
  •  679 people shot in a police intervention.

IN ONE YEAR (ages 0-19) almost 20,000 American children and teens are shot in murders, assaults, suicides, accidents, or by police intervention.

2,966 kids died from gun violence

  •  2,037 children and teens murdered.
  •  748 kids killed themselves.
  •  123 children and teens killed accidentally.
  •  19 killed by police intervention.
  •  39 died but the intent was unknown.

Still need convincing on why I should do this as President?

Honestly, there are many things that I would want to do as President but this is the first and most immediate thing I could do with the stroke of a pen would make a huge change in society. I also recognize as someone who was a policitical science major and MPA there nothing easy about what I am suggesting but then again I am not the President I am your Mom.

Lessons to learn:

  • Never ever own a gun
  • Never touch or play with a friends gun. Do not even go into the room they are stored in
  • Never go to a house with guns
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One Response to My First Act as President

  1. Samantha says:

    I had an argument about this with a gun-loving friend of mine. Although I’m not opposed to hunting, provided you use everything you kill, I definitely agree about hand guns. They are used to kill people. That is what they are for… My friend argued that more people die in traffic accidents, so should we ban cars? I said that if cars had no practical purpose (which, unfortunately they do), I would say absolutely! On that note, I think it should be illegal to MAKE a publicly available car that can drive over highway speed limits, but that’s just me. It’s true that eliminating guns wouldn’t eliminate violence, but I agree that it would help…

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