Thanksgiving 2012

This year we have missed out on Halloween due to Superstorm Sandy and now we missed our Thanksgiving due to a fever of what I am calling “unknown origin.” It all started on Monday, Miss A was sent home from school for having a fever and “not being herself.”

Tuesday, we a lazy fever filled day with television (several episodes of the Wiggles), battles to take Tylenol to get the fever to go down and a trip to the pediatrician (with a follow-up visit later in the day).

Wednesday, Boom Boom was sent home from school to hang out with his still ill sister. You were not eating and had a runny nose. So by 3:00pm the day before Thanksgiving the house an infirmary. Tylenol and water were being distributed appropriately.

By 4:00 on Wednesday it was decided I would stay home with you both and let Daddy go to the Thanksgiving celebration. As it was at Grammy and Grumpy’s house and your little cousin was going to be there! I had to now go find a holiday meal for me to eat.

Miss A you and I set out on an adventure. You wanted to leave the house even though you were not 100% and decided I would take you with me (in case you and your brother were not sick with the same thing). I had called several grocery stores to see who had food. We put our coats on and we were gone.

We headed to a grocery store I never shop at as it is super over priced but they said they had full holiday meals still there. When we arrived we looked all over and several employees sent me to the same aisle but there was nothing there. I asked the people behind the fresh food counter (kinda like a deli counter) and they tried to sell me turkey deli meat. They tried to tell me it was store baked turkey and it would be no different. I asked if it was going to be deli sliced and they said yes and I walked out.

We were now on the road the night before Thanksgiving going grocery store to grocery store…. it was a horrible as it reads. Traffic ever where and we were not going that far. I went to Whole Foods and purchased some pieces of fresh-baked turkey and so VERY overpriced sides. I was set! Thanksgiving is my favorite food holiday I had to have some food on the actual day and in the effort of full disclosure I purchased an entire pumpkin pie for myself (not to eat in one sitting).

Thanksgiving morning rolled around and you both slept in but were still under the weather when you woke up. I ran to the gym to get an hour out of the germ station. Your Dad left around 2 and we hung out the rest of the day.

We did pretty good together, you both were in pretty good spirits considering. There were some tears but as I told your Dad none of them were mine so we made it through. While it is always great spending time with you kids I do love Thanksgiving and getting together with the family. I certainly wish that you two were not sick for a million reasons.

Lessons to learn

  • Wash your hands more
  • Do not drink out of each other cups
  • Cover your mouth when you sneeze
  • I swear if I am offering you medicine it will make you feel better, gagging, coughing and otherwise trying to return it to me when you have 103 fever is just not enjoyable for all of us!
  • Next year I REALLY hope you are both healthy because I was not able to find stuffing so I do not think I can miss stuffing 2 years in a row!


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