Profile of our Elf: Snowbusiness

Name: Snowbusiness Tree-Stump

Birthday: December 27, 2005 (just missed Christmas that year)

Age : 7 years old

Favorite food: chocolate chip cookies

Best class in elf school: Watching without being seen

Family: The first son of immigrant elves. His parents came from the South Pole to come work for Santa in hopes of having children and raising them in the happy North Pole culture. His Mom is teacher at Elf School, she teaches coloring! His Dad is Dentist, yes elves can be dentists! He has a younger sister that he misses very much when he is away.

Background: Miss A was his first assignment as an elf and how he is in charge of reporting back on Boom Boom and Miss A.

Favorite place: Lamp shade or the curtain rod

Friends in the North Pole: Buddy the Elf and Rudolph but his best friend is Mr. Narwhal.

Interesting Fact: spends a lot of time at our house he started coming back and checking on Miss A in July this year when her name appeared on the naughty list. He could not play with the other elves all day and he missed his lunches with Mr. Narwhal to come to our house. He also missed some of the required Elf seminars about fun places to hide and fun things to find in the house because he was busy working.

What Santa say about him: “as a rookie elf he has really been forced to step up his learning curve. I am impressed with his commitment to the job and his TPS (Tattle Peek Spy) reports are top-notch… I know everything that Miss A does and he is letting me know that Boom Boom so far has been on the straight and narrow”

Extra responsibility: when Miss A does not listen to her Mom and Dad they put a toy on the porch for him to take back to Santa. If she is good before Christmas Santa will bring it back from the North Pole and give it to her Christmas morning.

What Snowbusiness says about his job: “my first year was easy Miss A was so small and was even sleeping through the night so it was easy for me to keep an eye on her. Now I need to keep a close eye on her. When she was put on the naughty list this summer I was worried about her and that Santa might send a more experienced elf to look after her. He let me keep the job, but it is tough job. I cannot talk to her and she has to think I am only in one place in the house so I often have to fly to her daycare and keep and eye on here through the window… Which is very hard because I cannot let any of the kids see me! I am hoping that she listens more to her Mom, Dad and teachers before Christmas because it is hard for me to carry her toys to the north pole at night. But I do love her so much and love the fact I got to spend more time with her and her brother this year”

Stay tuned for more information about Snowbusiness’ work in the coming weeks

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