Out with 2012 and in with 2013

So exactly 365 days ago (this year was a leap year right?) I wrote a post about my to do list not a bucket list. Many of the goals are ones I cannot achieve all in one year but I thought I would update you.

I bolded the old goals that I want to actually accomplish this year and you will see the ones that were checked off the list with the details of their success. At the bottom you will see some new one.

  1. Go to Hawaii (your Dad and I have a deal we are going there for our 10 year anniversary only a few years left)
  2. Be on the Price is Right (I really wanted to go on before Bob Barker retired but Drew Carey has been a good replacement)
  3. Go to the taping of late night talk show (I really love Jimmy Fallon but I would be fine with anyone)
  4. Meet Martha Stewart (or at least attend a taping)  Not exactly, but she spoke at BlogHer and I was sitting in the front row. Going to have to do for now.
  5. Drive cross-country with you and your Dad (you guys need to be old enough to appreciate it so we cannot do that yet)
  6. Go to Portland Oregon (seems weird right, my green and crafting side makes me think this is a city that would totally fit my life. I could not move there it would be far away from all our friends and family but I would love to check it out)
  7. Go to Africa (your Dad has zero interest so I think I might try when you kids get older to go on service trip with a charity)
  8. Take a month off of work (impractical on so many levels but I would really like to have 4 weeks to do whatever I want)
  9. Get solar panels put on the house (probably not where we live now but maybe the next house)
  10. Own a hybrid or electric car that can actually accommodate our family size and needs
  11. Cook a new recipe twice a month (short-term goal) I have made a lot of new recipes this year and I hope to keep this up.
  12. Go to the gym/do yoga/Pilates at least 3 times a week. I have been going just not this often.
  13. Learn new ways to do my hair in an up-do other than a ponytail or bun I just got a haircut, that whole Pinterest board of hair styles that I should have been able to do were not working out.
  14. Actually finish writing three posts a week here. (There are so many things I want to write to you guys I need to carve out more time to do it)
  15. Go to England and Ireland (I always wanted to do a bike tour of Ireland, maybe when you kids are older we can all do it together)
  16. Run a Marathon (JUST KIDDING… that will never be on my list) My trainer made me run around the block once, I looked like Phoebe from that episode of Friends. I think this counts as my marathon. I am doing well staying fit without running for no reason.
  17. Do a spontaneous weekend road trip once a year
  18. Go to Glacier National Park (before there is no glacier)
  19. Win the lottery (I will write an entirely separate post on the irony of that goal!)  Yup I won Power Ball this year! I still have not claimed my prize because I have not seen my accountant or lawyer but I did get just the Power Ball number in the big drawing. Please do not solicit me for loans, I unable cope with the thought of new-found wealth.

New goals for 2013 and beyond

  1. Sew more, I miss it terribly it was something I did a lot of before I had kids and I simply cannot find the time to do it!
  2. Read more books on topics I really care about. I have so many things I want to learn more about. I need to make more time to read and learn about them.
  3. See my friends more often, many of my friends live far away and it is tough to figure out time to visit so I am going to take my show on the road this year and make sure I see them more!
  4. Cut down on the sugar snacks in my diet, cookies and ice cream we need to stop meeting so often… sniff, sniff. I cannot write anymore this one makes me so sad.
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