I Just Won $1 Million Dollars!

This is the first post in a month-long project of writing prompts from BlogHer called Nablopomo. There is still time to join us head over here for all the details. 

Guess what I just won a $1 million dollars and I have to spend it before the end of the day! The first thing I would do is try to buy a new house. I would want a house with 4-5 bedrooms at least 2 full baths (this nonsense of one bathroom in the whole house is ok but I just got a million bucks we are upgrading). A big kitchen would also be nice I spend a lot of time in the kitchen so it would be nice to have more space to work in.

After I purchased the house (which would not be a $1m home). I would pay my solar panel installer cash for the job of putting panels on my house. I have always wanted them on my house and now would be the time to do it.

Next stop the Tesla dealership! I am going to pre-order the 2014 Model S. A fully electric car with a third row seats. This car is amazing it is a high performance car with a range over 200 miles. Tesla even has high-speed charging at stations on highways around here to give you a wider range.

The local dealership happens to be in the mall so there would a quick but huge clothing shopping spree. I have needed some new clothes since I have had both of you guys so now is the perfect time.

I imagine I am starting to run out of time so I have to buy Daddy the car he has alway wanted 1955 Chevy hard top convertible in red…. should not be hard to find and pay someone cash for it right? I may need to hire an assistant this day to help me research all of these purchases.

Next stop, at the mall is the Apple store to buy all my nieces and my kids their own iPads I can think of no other thing that I could quickly get that would make them all universally happy.

Then the restaurant I called early in the day would be ready to seat all of my friends and their kids for dinner and general enjoyment of each other’s company. Sometimes I think we get totally caught in the material things money can buy we forget that there are people we like to spend time with.

Whatever I had left would go to our local animals shelters… Four of them. One where we got our beloved pup Harpua. Then we would give to the two in our area to help local dogs and I would give to another local organization that saves dogs from shelters before they are euthanized. Boom Boom and I love dogs so it seems only fitting that I share some of the money with them.

If there was more time I would purchase my whole wish list from Etsy. I use the Etsy app to mark things I want so if I had time I would try to buy as much of that as possible… but I think my day would be winding to close at this point and this may not make it.

 What would you do with a $1M with only one day to spend it?

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