My Favorite Character Ever!

lost-characters-jackIt is hard for me to decide who my favorite character is because so many come to mind. Many of the characters that make my top ten list are the characters in the tv show Lost. Together the characters interactions with one another kept them interesting. Here is a list of my favorite and little bit about their character.

Jack: He is a fatality flawed character but those flaws make you follow him and root for him. From the moment he opened his eyes to the moment he closed them he made one wrong decision after another with the complete faith and intention he was doing what he had to do. His motives were almost always for the safety of others if not motivated by love. What better reason to make decisions?

Sawyer: He was never quite what you expected when you first met him, you knew you wanted to hate him for his teasing but then we saw that he did it out of his own insecurity and not out of true malicious intentions. His capacity to love is one that was surprising as he seemed to have such a cold exterior. In the end he always made the right decisions even if he path to get there was the unexpected one.

Hurley: Everyone needs someone like him in their life. He had bad luck follow him all around yet he always had a good spirit and fun outlook. He also had a way of calling people out without making them feel bad, a trait that most people you meet in life do not have.

Kate: She was more like Wonder Women than people would give her credit for I think. She had a strong will and a strong character. She was willing to go farther than any average person would for what she believed in. Running through the jungle on many occasion when other people would not she was by far the bravest character on the show.

Jacob/: Two characters that were created to personify good and evil and call out humanity on all the things that we are doing wrong and the things we are doing it right. There were times when Jacob would talk about humanity with such contempt but you could not help but agree with his points. There were other times when his brother would talk about the good in the world and you could not help but agree that we deserved to be saved.

Desmond: Motivated 100% by love. Nothing could stop him from getting back to his love. Every decision he made was guided, informed and calculated by love. He is a partner we all want to have… Stopping at nothing to get back to you

Ben: Most people who watched the show might say he is the most interesting but I would disagree. He was motived entirely by fear and revenge. He would sacrifice everything to get what he wanted and his calculating moves were important to the story but did not make him an interesting character.

Sayid: Characters with torturred pasts are common in all stories but his is one that is portrayed and played out in a modern society we have not seen before exactly like this. He can be savage of he needs to be and caring at other times. He is left as an outcast for early part of the story because of his ethnicity and has to fight back from that perception. But if I was on spooky desert island and I could only have one character with me it would be him.

Locke: I started with my favorite and I am ending with my other favorite… Locke was an amazing character. He has absolute and total blind faith. At times that faith made him seem visionary and almost prophetic and at other times it lead him to embarrassment and downright misery. While he clearly suffered from some serious depression at times he still did not lose faith in what was right. We should all be a little more faithful in making the right decision than we are… Sometimes it won’t work out but your motivations will always be pure and that is just as valuable.

I could go on with Sun, Jin, and Boone but you should watch the show to form your own opinion.

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