Just Call Me Pam #nablopomo

I have to tell you kids I thought long and hard about your names because I do not like mine at all. I actually asked Grandma and Grandpa several times to get me no gifts for my birthday or Christmas just change my name.

As you know I am not just Mommy people call me Leigh. It is spelled more than one way, pronounced wrong about 85% of the time, and often associated as a males name.

When I was a kid I had a cute little pixie cut so when people heard my name they assumed I was a boy. As an adult I am referred to as Mr in emails and on phone calls. It may not seem like a big deal because your names and gender specific and not confusing but it is a pain and annoying over the course of your life.

You are probably saying how could people pronounce it wrong? Well people call me “Leah” or “sleigh” with a silent S and more often than you think “le-get” or “leg”.

Now how about when I tell people my name for them to write down… Lee 98% of the time. If it does not matter I do not correct them who cares at this point I am just as much a Lee as I am a Leigh. The picture above is the ONLY time anyone at Starbucks has written my name properly on a cup! I know this is problem that afflicts many.

Oh and the awkward middle school days were fun when my fellow classmates teased me if I married my classmate I would be Leigh Lee. It was kinda funny and still a step up from my super complicated maiden name (maybe yet another reason why a complicated first name was unnecessary)

So what did I want to change my name to… Pam! Thank God Grandma and Grandpa never got me that present of a legal name change as an adult I much prefer my name Leigh and it is who I am!

So if at any point you are jealous you have a gender specific commonly spelled name remember my story and try not to be to mad, I did it because I love you!

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