The World Through Harpua’s Eyes

harpua+fun 058Our puppy is not really a puppy anymore. The last time he went to the vet she referred to him as a senior dog. I was crushed but she was right.

Every night at about 4:00am he wakes us and goes downstairs and does his usually cry like there is a bird in his belly to go outside. He barks at nothing, and I tell him to be quiet because the rest of the world is asleep. He comes back in and goes to the same exact spot and sits down and waits for his cookie. I stumble back upstairs and go back to sleep for an hour and half before I get up to go to work.

He slowly climbs back up the stairs and climbs up on the bed, comes to my pillow and puts his nose on the sheet so I will lift it up for him to get under the covers. He never learned he was not a human, he wants to sleep just like us.

Harpua 2He stays in bed till you are all up and almost dressed then he comes downstairs goes out side again and then gets sad we are about to leave. He goes on to the stairs as we get ready to leave and I give him his favorite cookie and we leave.

He sleeps all day, barks at the mailman and other that walk by, and goes on a walk with his favorite dog walker of his whole life. He waits for us to come home.

After he hears us in the driveway he wakes up and comes down the two flights of stairs to meet us at the door. He is so excited to see us when we get home it is really hard for him to sit still but he tries because he has learned in the last 9 years I will not pay attention to him till he is sitting.

IMG_1746He follows me around the rest of the night and at 7:30 pm every night barks and cry for no reason at all or maybe it because I am reading you both your books and getting you ready for bed. Maybe he is jealous he does not have jammies to put on and books for me to read.

After you go to bed EVERY night he comes and lays down next to me and stays with me till I go to bed and then goes to bed with me.

Someday, probably not as far away as I would like, he is not going to be able to make the two flights of stairs up to my room. I try not to think about what a day would be like without him but as he gets older I know it will happen. I hope he lives long enough for you both to remember him.


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