Last Night

Last night I was laying bed with my computer picking out a new lunch box for A and thinking about what I was going to write for the two blog posts that are due this week for another website and then this happened.

<soft footsteps>

WIWMK2K BBA little smile from around the corner with a little giggle as to know that I had already put him to bed three times before but this time was different. “What cha doing Mommy?” said that adorable little voice. “I am getting ready for bed what are you doing out of bed?” I said in a not stern voice at all.

Then it happened “I want to snuggle with you Mommy.” He knows that gets me every time and he knows just how to say it too. My to do list is taller than this 3 year old but I did not yell I let him get into bed. He usually follows the rules and even when he breaks them he does it in the most impossibly cute ways. Yup I am wrapped around his finger… at least last night.

I let him lay down in bed next to me and I kinda ignored him a little thinking he would naturally go back to bed (as he does sometimes). He snuggled up next to my leg with his head on my pillow while I thought about typing on my laptop at the other end of the bed. He was right up against me just looking at the ceiling, in the way only he can do, like there is some magical show up there that I cannot see.

He finally realized I was not finishing up and joining in him at the invisible star gazing so he gets up and lays down next to me with his head in his hands and says “What cha doing Mommy? Is that unicorn?” In fact he was correct I was shopping for A’s new lunch box. He then tries to type and I realized at that point I was done doing what I was doing.

So we laid down and snuggled for a few minutes but as only I can do at those relaxing moments I realized I had to go to the bathroom. So I told him to stay there and I would be right back. I was five steps off the stairs when he got to the top of the stairs and let out this sad and scared cry “Mommy come back, where you going, come back.” By the time I could get back to the stairs he was more than halfway down with tears welled up in his eyes.

I told him “Mommy is going potty before she goes to bed do you want to come with me.” So he joins me and we discuss the fact that it is probably better he sleeps in his bed in his room with his sister so she will not be lonely. After analyzing the letters in his sisters name on the stool in the bathroom for a while he agrees. I lift him into bed, give him a huge kiss, and tuck him in under the blankets and I think he falls right to sleep.

Boom Boom I think you know I am talking about you!!

Lessons to learn

  • No matter how long the to-do-list sometimes we need to slow down and do nothing
  • No matter how much Mommy wants to pee alone it never happens when a child is awake
  • No matter how tired a kid is if they have not had enough snuggles with their mom they just are not going to go to sleep yet!


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